About the Conference

The Alternative Legal IT Conference has built a regular attendance of over 200 mid-market Law firm IT Directors. The highlight of the conference is the case study round-table sessions that are hosted by IT Directors themselves, to stimulate shared experiences and lessons learnt.

Attendees join a community of like minds, with others who are facing many of the same threats and opportunities, for two days of inspiring content, frank debate and enjoyable networking. Join us at this pre-eminent event which offers unrivalled networking opportunities and a second-to-none chance to meet the technology decision-makers for the mid-market legal community.

What’s Alternative about the Alternative Legal IT Conference?

  • The only technology event specifically for IT Directors and CEOs of ambitious mid-market law firms
  • Designed to ensure you have maximum interaction and networking time with other IT Directors
  • The guarantee that you will meet other serious, like-minded firms, all planning for tomorrow
  • The chance to meet the right people, in an informal and intimate environment
  • A programme developed just for firms your size, with your resources in mind
  • Content that is practical, sensible and applicable
  • The chance for “time out” to recharge and find inspiration
  • Advice on how to foster a sense of stewardship in your firm
  • A collaborative approach and spirit

Join us in 2021 to make sure you leave your firm better than you found it.