The Alternative Legal Management / Legal IT Room 101: Changing partner behaviour to improve productivity

Time: 12:15 pm - 12:00 am

Date: Day 2 Tuesday 25 September 2018


Managing partners and IT directors are closely aligned on the biggest problem facing their firms:  the challenges of changing (equity) partner behaviour to improve productivity.  But while it’s easy to agree on the problem, it’s much more difficult to find a workable solution to what appears to be intractable.

We’ll give two managing partners and two IT directors each the chance to nominate what they see as the number one barrier to changing partner behaviour and improving productivity in the firm – and each will provide a suggested route for overcoming that barrier.  Based on the BBC format, each panellist will propose an issue that, if it were banished to that room of no return, would help mid-market law firms break through the current stasis between business objectives and the priorities of partners.  And they’ll identify a solution that could be the flip-side of that problem.

Using – anonymously – the audience will debate and vote on each proposal before deciding which issue most deserves to go into Room 101 – and which corresponding solution will be the most workable.  What will be banished forever to Room 101?  This is your chance to close help mid-market firms overcome the single biggest obstacle on the journey towards long-term health and profitability.

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