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Closing keynote panel: Designing the future IT department

Time: 12:40 pm - 12:00 am

Date: Day 2 Wednesday 2 October 2019


Despite massive and rapid changes in the technology landscape over the past 5-10 years, the IT Director’s role remains something of a “closed shop”, with a general tacit agreement that IT departments do more or less the same thing at more or less the same pace so that our customers don’t really have a choice.  This keeps things comfortable for the firm and the people within it, including the IT Director.

Therefore, real change must come from within.  And that change starts here.

Responding to yesterday’s discussion with law firms’ next generation, Pete Owen’s opening keynote this morning and our panel of vendors before the break, we bring together a diverse group of mid-market IT leaders to design the future provision of IT to our firms:
– Now that we are (or will soon be) server-free, there is a complete change in support requirements.  What skills do I need in my team? Specialist finance skills to manage the costs of cloud services? The ability to help our internal clients change, to help our users make the tech work?  The ability to work with/manage vendors?
– What disciplines do we need to provide in our team? What’s the right balance of “techies”, legal technologists, designers, project managers, vendor liaison, trainers, analysts, innovators?
– Should we build our tech team from within or buy, by relying on contractors to fill specific gaps? If we “buy”, how can we retain clear oversight of the big projects, when we no longer have those skills / that knowledge in the business?
– How can we find the right mix of people and then hold on to them?
How can IT work with the business to help create new products and services?
– How can we harness the benefit of tech to strengthen the firm’s relationship with clients?

To wrap up, we’ll ask each panellist to help us build the ideal IT department by choosing one essential component of the modern provision of IT in mid-market legal.


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