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NEW FORMAT for 2019: Ask the experts

Time: 2:00 pm - 12:00 am

Date: Day 1 Tuesday 1 October 2019


Take one “subject matter expert” + 5 minutes best practice summary + 10 participants + 30 minutes in which the expert answers as many questions as possible = the chance for you to get up to speed, hear answers to your specific questions and learn from others’ issues.

These sessions differ from the classic Alternative Events round table discussion in that they are led by matter experts – from consultancy, academia, the vendor community – rather than your peers.

There will be two x 35-minute sessions, so you’ll have to chance to ask two experts everything you always wanted to know about…

A1        Legal design thinking
How do you stay close to the shifting needs of clients? As the world gets more complex and the speed of change accelerates, organisations are using Design Thinking as a way to cut through the noise and stay tuned into what matters to customers. The secret behind companies such as Apple, IBM and Facebook, Design Thinking brings together a set of competencies to help you systematise collecting and responding to client insight, developing services/differentiators and nurturing an “Innovation culture”. Join this spirited talk to learn how Design Thinking works, what it can do for your firm and how to get started.
Your expert: Luke Battye, Managing Partner, Sprint Valley

A2        Running the perfect tech procurement process
What works and what does not?  What is best practice? Join this session for tips and tricks, lessons learned and war stories from a commercial partner who works with the Cripps Pemberton Greenish IT team on their internal procurement projects and who assists clients with IT procurement contracts both from a supplier and customer perspective.  This is for you if you oversee any technology purchases and contracts in your firm.
Your expert: Kathryn Rogers, Partner, Commercial Team & Member of IT Strategy Group, Cripps Pemberton Greenish

A3        Successfully managing the shift to cloud
The move to the cloud is one of the biggest paradigm shifts you’ll make as an IT director, so you need to get it right. We’ll consider: cloud for infrastructure projects, desktops, remote access, services; the comparative pros and cons of private cloud, public cloud and vendor cloud; cloud for PMS; security considerations around different cloud options. Plus, we’ll try to understand the costs – how much more will software-as-a-service end up costing?
Your expert: Stephen Brown, Consultant & Head of Project Services, Lights-On Consulting Ltd

A4        Top 10 tips to help you make your IT department a more diverse environment
It’s highly likely that:
– all the tech used in your firm is designed by men
– the majority of your employees are from similar backgrounds
– your physical workplace is designed for men
As an IT leader, we want to give you the skill set to improve diversity in your team, to make your environment attractive to a more representative workforce. What can your IT department do to encourage women and diverse groups to join it? Are there sectors that have been more successful at diversity in tech? Our expert will look at the ten things you can do first to make a real difference.
Your expert: Yasmin Sheikh, Founder, Diverse Matters

A5        IA before AI – getting your information architecture right
Data is the foundation for automation, but you must structure data before you can make use of it. Are we capturing the data we need?  Do we/can we understand it?  Can we get it back out of our systems? Can we trust it? Join us if you want to build a good data foundation for you firm.
Your expert: Alex Smith, Global RAVN Product Lead, iManage

A6       Your data protection bootcamp (and how GDPR can protect you)
We’ve all heard the horror stories – firm wants to move to a new PMS, current PMS provider has put data into a proprietary format requiring conversion, with conversion an expensive “service” that the law firm has no option but to use.  Avoid this nightmare by considering issues of ownership, security and covenants beforeyou sign on the dotted line, and understanding that GDPR is a law firm’s friend in this situation. Our expert will advise you on what to look for when taking on a new solution and will give you a clear understanding of your rights under GDPR regarding return of data, in a standard format, upon termination of contract. 
Your expert: Tim Hyman, Data Protection Officer, 2Twenty4 Consulting

A7        Getting the most of Office 365
Everyone’s using it – but almost no one is getting the best out of it. Our experts will help you give you insight into using Office 365 tools such as Teams, Flow, Planner, Power BI, SharePoint to deliver legal use cases in your Firm – with a clear focus on your perspective as the customer.
Your experts: Sheila Gormley, Co-Founder & Director of Business Development, Repstor
Fergus Wilson, Co-Founder and CTO, Repstor

A8   Mastering the move to agile working
Get set up for success by adopting the right approach and the correct operational framework. Your expert has enormous experience implementing and supporting IT security and comms solutions in the legal and professional sector. A fantastic Q&A opportunity with war stories, tips, tricks, tools and checklists direct from the ‘front line’.
Your expert: William Wood, Director of Pre Sales, Datasharp

A9      Best practice in vendor management
Your expert: David Baskerville, Director & Lead Consultant, Baskerville Drummond

A10      Up-to-the-minute update on cyber security for law firms – all your questions answered
Your expert: Andy Swift, Cyber Security Consultant, CNS Group, a Six Degrees company



  • Luke Battye Managing Partner - Sprint Valley
  • David Baskerville Director & Lead Consultant - Baskerville Drummond
  • Stephen Brown Consultant & Head of Project Services - Lights-On Consulting Ltd
  • Sheila Gormley Co-Founder & Director of Business Development - Repstor
  • Tim Hyman Data Protection Officer - 2Twenty4 Consulting
  • Kathryn Rogers Partner, Commercial Team & Member of IT Strategy Group - Cripps Pemberton Greenish
  • Yasmin Sheikh Founder - Diverse Matters
  • Alex Smith Global RAVN Product Lead - iManage
  • Andy Swift Cyber Security Consultant - CNS Group, a Six Degrees company
  • Fergus Wilson Co-Founder and CTO - Repstor
  • William Wood Director of Pre Sales - Datasharp

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