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The Samoan Circle – an Alternative panel discussion: How can IT make the most of this moment in which the business is, finally, truly engaged with what tech can offer?

Time: 5:30 pm - 12:00 am

Date: Day 1 Tuesday 1 October 2019


We’ll re-convene for an informal and interactive session using the “Samoan Circle” format.  Set up in the round, delegates will gather around a central circle to eavesdrop on a conversation between four IT directors.

This is a critical moment.  The provision of IT services has moved beyond the traditional IT director and IT department – responsibility for tech and innovation has spread throughout the firm and “IT” must re-brand beyond just plumbing and enterprise.  “IT” must get into the middle of innovation and help drive it.  IT leaders must talk about needs and solutions instead of tech products and re-frame what you are offering the business in terms of outcomes not inputs. This is the chance to have your say about how IT can seize this opportunity.

The working principles of the Samoan Circle are:

  • Only those in the inner circle may speak, until prompted to retire
  • You can enter the inner circle at any time if you want to join the discussion
  • You must finish your point and leave the inner circle when prompted by the facilitator

The bar is open, Sli.do awaits your questions / comments and we hope you’ll join in the conversation.



  • Chris Bull Legal Operations Architect, Deloitte Legal - Deloitte

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