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Luke Battye

Managing Partner

Sprint Valley


I lead CAB’s newest studio, Sprint Valley. We believe that technology changes quickly, but people don’t. We believe that individuals are great, but teams are better. We believe that ideas are easy, but only outcomes matter.

No matter how good an ‘innovation’ might sound, no matter how compelling a consultant’s argument might be, we believe that your customers are best placed to decide whether ideas will survive in the wild.

We help teams get closer to their customers to find out what’s really important. We help teams quickly connect their knowledge in new ways to solve the problems that customers value. We help teams prototype and test products and services to find out what’s going to fly (pre-investment). And finally, we help businesses build blueprints of their product or service experience so that every department understands what they’re aiming for and what needs to happen behind the scenes to make it happen.


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