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From the ground to the cloud

The rush to transform has put tremendous strain on internal IT teams, leaving your organisation struggling to cope with the modern workspace. Commercial Managed IT enables you to sidestep these challenges and ensure positive disruption with the adoption of new technology.

We provide IT options from The Ground to The Cloud, and everything in-between. From The Ground to The Cloud is about meeting the requirements of today and preparing for the challenges of tomorrow. We focus on flexible scalability in an environment fit for purpose. Our migration services enable a seamless transition.

We will help you explore public, private and hybrid cloud options. We build solutions that complement your existing infrastructure and deliver the flexibility you need. From The Ground to The Cloud makes your journey into the cloud easy. It is a unique solution to every IT strategy.

Commercial Managed IT delivers whatever solution is best suited to your business.

Platforms & networking

Networks are the core of a successful IT strategy. Commercial Managed IT flexibly delivers right-sized network infrastructure for your specific requirements. We can improve your existing infrastructure or build a network from the ground up.


Storage, servers and compute power your IT operations. One-size never fits all. Commercial Managed IT delivers the right tools for the job at hand.

Business continuity

Business continuity is about an outcome that works. It doesn’t matter if your solution is labelled Backup, Replication or Disaster Recovery — it has to begin and end with the unique requirements of your organisation.

Business apps

Commercial Managed IT optimises end-user experiences around customised infrastructure. Our commitment to delivering real business outcomes requires a focus on solutions that work for your business-critical applications.


Data loss can ruin reputations. Cybercrime threatens organisations of every size and sector. Commercial Managed IT has the tools needed to deliver security now and in the future.

IT service & support

Our services & support ensure that every organisation has access to enterprise-grade technology and expertise. End-users expect flawless experiences. Commercial Managed IT delivers that as an outcome.