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Founded in 1997 as bespoke software developers, Kutana soon focussed on document production and printer control as the main thrust of its development work. Having 30% of the top 200 UK law firms, we have a proven track record of providing easy-to-use document templates and comprehensive printout control to the highly-educated legal market. Our flagship product, Kappris, is the market leader in bringing intuitive, manufacturer-agnostic printer control to the end user. At the same time Kappris boasts simple but powerful administration tools that allow IT departments to implement environment-friendly, cost-effective printing in line with the firm’s policies. On average, our clients achieve a 50% reduction in Outlook email printout.
We are working closely with our clients to extend Kappris into the realms of the “paper-light” office with simple signing technology and digital document audit trails. We harness our client’s knowledge of their business and their aspirations so we can apply our expertise to help them achieve increased user productivity as well as time and cost savings. User feedback has been essential: we listen, we react and we respond accordingly. We strive constantly to look after our clients and improve our solutions, a fact that is echoed throughout our client testimonials.