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Most lawyers get their job done somewhere other than behind a desk in the office, but the experience of working on the go is often unreliable.

NetMotion is designed to improve that experience and make your lawyers more productive, by enhancing, prioritising and reinforcing the quality of devices and business applications such as Document management systems, MS Outlook and other unique legal applications whilst being used on any network, often networks outside your control.

Unlike the desktop environment, seeing what’s really happening across your mobile estate is almost impossible but becoming ever more important as more business critical processes shift to mobile applications.

NetMotion provides unique, real-time data into apps, sites, networks and user behaviours that matter, finding easy ways to improve performance and fix problems, often before your lawyers even discovers them.

While traditional VPNs that were built for desktop environments have been around for decades, the NetMotion platform has been designed and built for mobile working, allowing you to shape the way mobile technology works based on your lawyer’s situation and what they’re trying to achieve.

NetMotion’s policy engine and real-time operational intelligence platform provide control and visibility both inside and outside the 4 walls. So you can think of it as SD-WAN but for mobile!